tissue pulling powerpoint animation

tissue pulling powerpoint animation

tissue pulling powerpoint animation template

Powerpoint animation effects that are always fun in the process of making and even after making them.
In fact, about this, I always express my personal opinion that planning is more important than anything else, and I often say that the next part is the design part to implement the plan.
But in fact, the latter is the most difficult thing, so there are many situations where even if you come up with a lot of ideas, you won’t be able to create them.
So it seems like I have to practice all the time ^^;;

Well, that part doesn’t seem to be the answer.
Unless you see a lot and make a lot, there is a limit to what you can get help from icons, etc.

Actually, today’s PowerPoint design material wasn’t originally meant to be an animation effect example.
Originally, I started with the idea that the side of the tissue could be expressed as the background style of the paper while thinking about pulling out the tissue.

So, in the initial plan, I put only the top part of the tissue box at the bottom and light the shape of a hand holding a tissue on the top…
Well, I was trying to create a background form in this way.
So, I referenced the icons as appropriate ones and searched for the ones to be applied.

But as I was making it, I thought it would be more fun if animation effects were added.
At the same time, while looking for the icon material above, I thought that I could make a background or infographic form that could be used for savings or economy topics by putting coins or bills in a piggy bank instead of pulling out tissues.

Anyway, that’s why today’s data turned to the animation effect.

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