sports athletics power point background template

sports athletics power point background template

sports athletics power point background template

Athletics is the basis of all sports.
This is a design that can be used not only for exercise-related ppt work but also for health-related topics, so I think the field that can be used as a background template is not very narrow.

Actually, I like sports very much, so I want to make PPT templates with that theme often, but after looking at it, it seems like I’ve made one or two.
So today, I would like to introduce you to a very simple athletics-themed background design material.

Although it is often mentioned, my experience that the best way to differentiate and design a common object or concept is to change it by determining from what perspective, angle, and where to look at it, and I also It was something I realized while watching, feeling, studying, and making.

It seems to be a template that incorporates such a point of view today as well.
Since it will be a material based on perspective, the background is also expressed with a gradient.

In track and field, the key is the track, the athlete, and the runner, right?
First of all, I tried to make the track to save the points, and to create and configure it as a source like a diagram that can be used in a PowerPoint form.

sports athletics power point background

First, I put in a right triangle.
It was also intended to create the background of the track, and I wanted to express the lines of each runner in perspective, but this shape will serve as a good standard.
For information on the brown color, I also applied the color applied to the athletics-related icon with the eyedropper function.

​Things that are close are large, those that are far away are small, or narrow… This is the basics of perspective, right?
When making an athletics-themed PowerPoint background template, isn’t it fun to just place it in a straight line, at a right angle, or horizontally with the slide?

However, as we saw at the beginning of the article, how we look at it, and the change in that perspective, is included in the design, and it will look very different.
Try placing the track line a little wider on the left and narrower at the end leading to the top right.

Then it will be completed like this.
After that, all that is left is to find and decorate the icon material related to the topic, and use it as a point.
If you search for athlete rather than search for run, it will be perfect because there is such a high-quality source and it matches the direction of the background of the athletics track created earlier, right? ^^

If you need to work on PowerPoint on topics like exercise or health, I will finish the introduction while looking forward to whether it will be a good example.

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