SNS, Instagram concept image ppt design tip

I think one of the most frequently used materials while working on ppt is probably photos.
Chart, text, and so on are basic, but it’s also an office document and program for presentations, so it’s natural that there’s a lot of visual and visual materials.
But I think we can just put it in. I think it’ll be easy. I think the difficult and unsatisfactory thing is about image placement.
So today, I’m going to introduce an example of how to arrange images while making use of the design in ppt.
Today’s ppt design related to image was to unite my thoughts and the SNS-related design concept that you have.
In the square figure tailored to the slide size, space is given by subtracting the figure in the middle.
It was all about the work to designate about 40% transparency and process it in colors such as black.
The above process was to show it.
Finally, through the background form, the entire slide fills up the image you want to put in the ppt.

And if you place detailed design elements like SNS and put the explanation text accordingly, you can organize a page that can focus on the picture while the design concept is alive.
The transparency of the figure makes a difference in contrast and the holes subtracted from the figure increase the concentration.
The big picture properly expresses the feeling of a cool page design.
What do you think?
Of course, it’s just an example and it’s also one of the styles that I’m pursuing.
However, this method often solves design concerns quickly.
Placeing small pictures, that’s neat.
However, sometimes I’m worried that I’ll look empty because there’s little content to write down, and on the other hand, I want to show the picture a little bigger, but I think there are times when I’m worried about how to put the explanation text in.

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