Looking at the smartphone as a ppt background

Looking at the smartphone as a ppt background

Looking at the smartphone as a ppt background

What I made today, as the title suggests, is to make the background of a person holding a smartphone and looking at it.
It has a lot of social issues, and I have my own theory that it is good to use it as a ppt background concept if it is a type that can catch the concept sufficiently as a background, and it basically shows something as I often tell you. Jira This time too, I think I was able to think from that point of view.

But why is the figure smoking a cigarette a human icon~??
Rather than looking at anything as it is, it would also be necessary to observe the points that can be brought with it and that can be used.
I thought that this material, which I had looked at while looking for icons, could be sufficiently transformed into a figure holding a cell phone.

I converted it to an extended window meta file and ungrouped it, and decided to use only the face and hand parts.
You can leave the background color as it is, or change the colors you want.
Anyway, the basics are the two parts left on the right.

First of all, I did some corrections on the face.
The existing ones are facial expressions, and the face shape is said to have been smoking.
At least I needed to put in some snow and a little spout.
It also brightens the skin tone a bit.
And push it to the left.
Since it will only serve as a design object to decorate the background, if you do not need to do any additional work after this work, or if the size is large and it is a hindrance when working outside the slide, select and paste it as an image and then cut the slide You only need to leave the part that is inside.

The hands are laid out roughly.
A little rotation is required.
I’ll give you a cell phone in the hand that was holding a cigarette.
No additional transformations were done to the hand object other than rotated.
The smartphone puts a rectangle with rounded corners to enhance the sense of volume with rotation and depth values ​​as shown on the right.

​The icons that became the core of this ppt background design are all separated, so it is very convenient.
Place the 3D rotated smartphone object on the side of your hand, and place only the thumb object in front.
Is it possible because they are separate? ^^

​And the ppt background layout was expressed like this with a stand once before, but if you bring the concept of the hand-fun light and set it up, you can easily complete it.
This can be done simply by using a right triangle.
This is the completed ppt background draft.

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