sky blue free ppt template it’s good

Light blue free ppt template it's good

sky blue free ppt template it’s good.

The blue sky seems to be the weather these days that makes you feel that autumn is coming.
And when I see it, I feel really at ease, my mood improves, and in the clear sky, anyway, everything seems to get better.
Wouldn’t the ppt template also give the same feeling if you put this clean image of the sky in it?
With the sky blue as the main, today, I applied the papo background and made these and other pages as if I was writing a note.

The detailed components contained in today’s ppt template are all basic, so I don’t think there’s any need for further explanation.
I would like to highlight a few of the new ones and explain them to you.
First of all, if you specify only one color for the sky blue slide background, it actually feels a bit plain.
However, if you use a gradient, it can be halved again.
Therefore, I tried to decorate it like a two-tone or drawn line by using white and gray together, but by making the boundaries a little clearer.

Normally, I would probably just treat the slide background with light blue as a solid color.
I would have created white and gray areas by adding shapes.
However, if the positions of the stops in the gradient are completely matched, the boundary is clearly distinguished.
The advantage of this method is that if you put multiple objects for the background design, it is often cumbersome during subsequent work, but this way, such inconvenience is eliminated.

​The subheading of each ppt template page is a speech bubble type, simple but designed to be a point, and to bring out the friendly and comfortable feeling conveyed by the sky blue.
Although there are similarities to the basic shapes, the part where it is difficult to modify the point position at will is a very small part, but it has a profound influence on the design, so I made it separately.

There are many cases where I make and decorate a pie chart myself, but I am reminded again that attempts to break away from the stereotype that it is not necessary to reveal the entire circle by overlapping arcs using arcs can be positively revived in ppt design. I think I’ll have to check it out.

If the shape of the end of the line is made into a circle, it will harmonize well with this ppt design with a soft and comfortable atmosphere.
If you want to make the starting point a little more straight, it is enough to cover it with a figure painted the same as the background color. ^^

If you add a line longer than the thickness of the arc line and align it with the diagonal line, it will be expressed as if an arc came out of space.

​Anyway, this is how I made today’s ppt template cover to several detailed pages.

sky blue free ppt template is pretty, isn’t it?

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