simple ppt diagram design easy to make

simple ppt diagram design easy to make
simple ppt diagram design easy to make a lot of use

Starting today, I decided to design a ppt diagram that can easily save points using arcs.
Basic shapes look meaningless and unattractive by themselves, but I don’t think there’s anything better than that, and if you combine them, you won’t be able to make anything nicer and neater.
So, when I always make some material, it seems that I start with the basic shapes such as squares and circles, and then expand and transform from there.
Anyway, if you think that everything has changed from the basics, it seems that way.
Anyway, it’s easy to make, it’s a simple ppt material, so let’s start by designating the background as a standard color with a solid color.

I’m going to use an arc to save the line and make a material that becomes a point.
I use this kid a lot as a graph, and I think he’s a very attractive guy.

It has many advantages because you can freely change the filled part by moving that yellow point, but what if you forget two or more of them?
You will be able to create an S-shape right away.

Like an om sign, or like what it looked like when a bomb went off?
Anyway, if you arrange the two arcs with different sizes and fill levels, you can make an S-shaped bend like this.
It is a very simple type, but it can express the difference, and that will add charm to the ppt design.

If you extend a straight line and place it according to the small arc, copy it, flip it left and right, and put it on the right side, the design form you wanted to save the point is virtually finished. ^^

Most of the diagrams we use are horizontal or vertical, or stair type, and the method of arranging a circle around a circle is used a lot.

You can add each label object according to the arc line and insert it.
You can just use the speech bubble in the ppt and it’s convenient, but I always think that PowerPoint is the only way to make it even a little prettier and neater if you put a little more effort and pay attention.
I made a separate speech bubble by inserting a triangle behind a rectangle with rounded corners.
Each fill color used the base color.

The white line on the whole serves as a point and adds neatness, so I also specified a white line for the outline here.
If you add a shadow effect like a habit, it will give you a different feeling.
In this way, I completed the ppt design material I made after a long time~
Isn’t it difficult?

I just used the characteristics of the arc, and it gives a sense of style as a line, so if you use that part well, I think you can easily make it in a variety of ways, even if it is based on other shapes.

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