science ppt animation template circuit

science ppt animation template circuit

science ppt animation template circuit

First of all, when I tried to design a science-themed ppt template, I saw a lot of blue and black main colors and came to mind.
Also, what I focused on in the reference process were the design types that were abstract and simple for circuits, semiconductors, etc.
I thought it would go well with that kind of atmosphere, so I first applied a basic base with a radial gradation.

If you look at movies or TV, you can see a lot of these kinds of things with graphic effects.
You probably think of it more easily when you see the finished version, saying, “Oh, that”, but in the future society, grab something on the screen, drag it, and send it…
Well, a lot of those things are expressed graphically, right?

If you look at advertisements, you can easily see them in science or medical related things.
You will use it as a point form in the design, and you can make it like this with various shapes related to circles.

This is because it was all manual work to design the line type that had the same feeling as this circuit.
I made it by picking up points one by one with a freeform shape.

​I finished designing the cover of today’s science ppt template by making only the ones in the lower left and placing the ones on the right by reversing the left and right.

It’s a combination of very simple sources, something mechanical, futuristic… So it seems like a good type for a science topic, right?

​The appearance of the existing lines in the case of this template made me think that adding movement to it would make it even better.
So I ran it right away.
I wanted to reinforce the theme and concept by specifying simple animation effects.

The circle in the middle is, for example, the main chip, and the wires are directed to it or are connected circuits.
So I used the wipe effect to make it look like this line is moving in a circle.
I think I have imagined that data or current flowed through those lines.
Then it could lead to the thought that it would be nice if Won reacted again.

Anyway, there was no big difficulty in choosing the type of ppt because the plan for the ppt was already composed of the design.

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