Road shaped PowerPoint Design (Process slide)

I think the difference between someone who knows that the PowerPoint design source is very close to you, and who doesn’t, is that it’s probably hard to design, but that something fancy is the only thing that makes it possible.

Perhaps, in terms of the individual standards that you think you’ve made good on PowerPoint, you’re not looking for it in simplicity and simplicity, but rather in terms of glamour as the main criterion.

But we need to be very sober, and think about when we see a presentation made by someone else, which format is more understandable and visible, and at a level that confuses and doesn’t infringe on the original content.

You can design from the cover, use Photoshop, etc., and use it to draw your eyes, but you can’t be very coolly, but it’s not easy to keep it as if it’s stimulating, as high as it is, or as good, or as you get used to it, you’re going to keep pursuing and hoping for it.

Above all, I think it’s very important to find the right level of glamour to understand the content and to make it less focused and more distracting, and I think that’s where I find the source theme very close.

I don’t think abstract, science-fiction abstruse patterns and images represent glamour.

One of Steve Jobs’ words is “Simple is the best.”

And we can also see that that’s what everyone agrees with, by choosing, preferring, and positively evaluating the products of the company.

When expressing the process, I hope you don’t just think that 3D is the most advanced form.

If you look at it for a moment, there’s a lot of things around us that we can replace and use in a very simple way.

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