ppt page transition effect. One kind as a cover and background concept

ppt page transition effect. One kind as a cover and background concept

ppt page transition effect. One kind as a cover and background concept.

Can I get a design idea from the ppt page transition effect?
I think there is, and I introduce in advance that today’s template will be an example.
It’s nice by itself, isn’t it?
In fact, we use animation effects and this page transition because it makes my PPT, which could be just plain, look really cool and luxurious. There is no change in my opinion.

And if there’s one more unchanging approach, it’s to think the other way around.
In other words, if you use animations or transition effects like this when designing ppt, you will usually think about it after finishing all the designs and apply them selectively.
The transition is even more so.
However, the characteristic that these have is cool! If you look at , you can unexpectedly get ideas for design planning here.

Rather than putting these effects in the finished PPT, planning and design are put into the effects.

For that I needed a hand icon.
Because my choice was ‘pushing’, and the following process and finished version will explain it.
I made a shape like the one above with two rectangles and two right-angled triangles.
Ummm, you can also use the icon for this.
like content.

When it comes to making something, I try to make it look like a piece of paper or cloth being pulled down by hand.
So, you can use the shape of the curtain icon, or just like me, you can get the basics by using only 3 shapes.
If you simply create a concave shape in the middle, you will not be able to deliver the planned image.
There should be wrinkles.
that expression?
We see a lot of webtoons and pictures these days, right?
Straight like lightning
You can use any shape, but today I made a thin rhombus called diamond and placed it like a line.
While preserving that slanted line.
And if you place the hand-shaped icon you got in advance, all the design is done!!
It’s that simple, right?

If you search for flat icons, you will find a lot of related hand shapes.
You can use any of them you like.
There is something I want to improve a bit.

For example, like me today, knuckles and sleeves of clothes can be made directly into rectangles, circles, and half-moon shapes, so I suggest you try to use them.

And now you can add a transition effect to the ppt design form.
The one we made earlier will be the cover.
And I’m going to use a transition effect to show the concept at the beginning of the slide with the details that follow it.
Select Push and select as if going from top to bottom in the effect options.
What if this main ppt cover goes down, followed by a background page?
It would be like hand grabbing some black cloth or paper and pulling it down to lead the transition to a light gray clean ppt background.

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