ppt icon template design, how easy it is

ppt icon template design, how easy it is

ppt icon template design, how easy it is.

As those of you who have seen my PowerPoint presentations will know, I like illustrations, and I really like the 3D type, I enjoy expressing the same object from different perspectives, and I prefer to put all of them on the basic basis of neatness.

I say this often, but when I make and draw a shape myself, it is the icon viewing that I see the most and get the most ideas about the concept.
But wow~ If you look at the sources of flat icons that everyone knows these days, the level and completeness make it easy to take away all your worries about the things I like and make mostly. ^^

Set it as a pack in the search bar and search for it.
3D You can search for these words or just do what you normally find.
I was looking for a computer-related source, and after seeing this, I saw that it contains all of the emotions, gazes, and sights that I have listed before, so I just wanted to bring it in and decorate it simply. ^^

I decided to make a simple ppt form today by using this cunningism and the convenience of the icon source as it is.
They were each material in the icon package that had a three-dimensional format and showed features that were twisted at a certain angle.

For me, who usually uses 3D rotation and formatting within the PowerPoint function to express like this, I do not have to imagine or turn an actual object and try to express it. .
The reason I downloaded these children was because what I originally wanted to make today was the same as the monitor.

In other words, I wanted to take a look at the monitor placed on the desk, and I wanted to make a PowerPoint form to take charge of the function that can be a point.
In order to do that, it needed to be a little different from the concept of this monitor, which has been used a lot in the past.
The end result was a change in my perspective that would capture the 3D and its characteristics well.
I usually look obliquely ^^
The slide background will be the top of the desk, and the right triangle in the upper left will show a space away from the desk.

And if it wasn’t for the icons I looked for and showed you earlier, I would have made them one by one by adding shapes and rotating them one by one and adding depth or three-dimensional formatting on the top and bottom for a three-dimensional effect.
However, only the unnecessary parts are discarded from the eps icon converted to wmf.
I just threw it away, and the PowerPoint design I wanted to create was created at once.

And what I did was put another right triangle in the lower right corner and expressed the thickness of the wood on the desk top using the shadow inside.
As this is a commonly used method, as you are familiar with it now, if you treat both the opacity and blur values ​​as 0, the shadows help you to do two-tone coloring on one object.

Anyway, the high degree of perfection of the icons, which I have never done with such a simple PowerPoint work, seems to have made it even more convenient and quicker to complete the work, especially since my colors are so similar.
But that doesn’t mean I don’t really recommend investing time and relying on it just to find it.
Obviously, even if you use it, I think that the work and practice of applying, changing, and adding ideas within it must be done together.

Huh!! The person icon is pretty, and you can bring it with you saying it’s really cool.
Just like me today ^^
And if you just put it on the slide, there’s really no problem.
But that doesn’t really mean anything, right?
I would recommend that you try to include an idea for an animation effect.

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