ppt graph rising and falling arrow graphic

ppt graph rising and falling arrow graphic

ppt graph rising and falling arrow graphic

When making PowerPoint, there will be a lot of times when you put certain specific numerical values ​​and data values ​​and organize them.
And it usually uses a chart, but in some cases, it seems that there are times when the increase and decrease of the value are expressed with arrows separately because it is an important point to emphasize in the flow of PT.
So today, I decided to try an arrow design that can be used in such cases.
The shape of the arrow is the same in the end, but I will try to change it a little more stylishly, and it does not deviate too much from the method I use often and applying effects.
I’m going to make it a little lively.
As if there is a three-dimensional feeling.

To do this, it was a bit difficult to use the arrow shape that just exists as a basic shape.
It was necessary to change the shape, but for this, it was convenient to just divide each part into pieces.
So, I placed a rectangle, a trapezoid, and a triangle in order, and made the left and right lines of the trapezoid in the center to be concave by point editing.

Objects to be created with the simple ppt point editing function are made into one by merging shapes again.
You don’t have to do this, but you should at least group them together because you will be doing gradient fills afterwards.

​The arrows will be filled with white color series, so I will create the background first and continue the explanation.
Today’s ppt design should have one assumption.
In one space, for example, on one wall of the room, a triangle made of paper or fabric stretched along the wall and extended to the floor.
What is this setting?

So, I made some changes to the shape earlier, and used a gradient fill to express that space in the background coloring.
First, I put a rectangle on the bottom and filled it with a linear gradient.

And here I brought the arrow shape I made earlier and proceeded with the linear gradient filling.
Adjust the positions of the stops selected with dark colors so that the arrows look like they are bent.

Actually, as another way, I put a rectangle underneath while making the background in front, but don’t make it pink.
You can also set both of the two stops to black and set the transparency value to move the arrow object upwards.
Of course, you may need to put the top side upside down as well.
You can do it in any convenient way, but anyway, the default is gradation~ ^^

​Because it is today’s PowerPoint design object that is laid out on the floor, and it is a type that comes down from the top, it is basically a three-dimensional expression, so it would be important to be able to harmonize even when putting text in it.
Let’s try to express perspective by transforming the text effect.
Then it’s finished like this.

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