ppt design graph add style to a basic chart

ppt design graph add style to a basic chart

ppt design graph, add style to a basic chart.

I think it is the basic charts in PowerPoint design that always make you feel a little bit sad.
I get a lot of feeling that it’s not pretty by itself, but there’s nothing more convenient when making graphs than that.
How are you guys?
Um, is it because of the recognition of the problem, not the problem?
I often use the basic chart function, but I think I will try to create a PowerPoint form that will satisfy both needs through decorative work that can improve and strengthen the design part.
And today’s 500th template source for Jotin, which we will share, is tailored to that.

I started by simply filling the background color with basic colors and gradients.
I plan to make the bar graph in a more lively style, so I made it possible to express only shades with gradients rather than solid colors.
And it just inserts the chart right away.
I don’t think there is a more convenient function than charts among the functions provided by all office programs, not just PowerPoint.
If you just put data in, a graph can be drawn quickly, so where can you find something as convenient as this?
But still design! Not pretty!! ^^

Of course, if you do some retouching and adjustments, you can get neat without adding any additional design work or sauce, but it’s pretty, it’s unique, it’s fun, it’s unique… It’s not at this level that catches the eye.

For the ppt design graph I use the most, I first assigned a different color and added an inner shadow effect.
I selected [Inner Top] and raised the Blur value to 25pt in the form to give it a soft, subtly engraved feel.
All of the data labels are also provided by the default chart form, and all other axes and stuff like that have been removed.
I hate things like that so much.

I think the key point in this PowerPoint design chart is this floor.
You introduced things made in a three-dimensional style in the shape of an arrow before, right?
Just grafting it into the basic chart.
That is the point of today’s work.

Start by arranging a trapezoidal shape based on the central one.
To the left and right, you can change the position of the lower vertex using point editing in such a way that the diagonal line on the side gradually becomes oblique.
Make only the ones on the left, copy the ones on the right based on the center, and invert them left and right.

Finish by applying the shadow effect in the same way.
You only need to change the angle of the shadow by changing the degree of change.

I told you that the basics of PowerPoint chart design today are those of arrows, rising and falling, which I created and introduced before.
What was assumed at that time was the concept of space, right?
So, I made the background to be a three-dimensional effect using a gradation, making it a wall and a floor.
Today, I made a semicircle using the string shape, and made it a gradient shape with a specified transparency and layered it on top to create a similar feeling.

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