ppt chart design, diagram, straps, converse shoes

ppt chart design

ppt chart design One of the ppt design styles that I made a long time ago was sneakers.
At that time, while making this, I focused on the shoelace itself when I first planned it, but I think I focused more on making the overall shoe look.
In fact, it was also a process in which the main guest was evangelized.
The idea that shoelaces could serve as explanatory lines was the core of the plan, but there was a problem that it focused too much on the shape of the shoes.

As I took my sneakers out of the shoe rack, I remembered that time again.
Thanks to this, I was able to have time to design ppt in a different way once again.
Keep in mind that completely excluding the shape of the shoes is a part that you want to move forward and keep.

First, I filled the background with gradation as above.
I think you can make it feel better if you use the gradation with the colors you want.

I don’t think there will be any difficulties because we know the shape of shoelaces well.
The hole is filled in a circle with black and the outline is expressed by the border.
A square with rounded corners goes into the hole and the ends look thinner.
It will express the characteristics of the original string well.
Again, gradation was used here, and the shadow effect expressed the distance from the floor and the feeling of separation.

I don’t know why I captured this as a ppt design process. ^^;;
Perhaps the hole wanted to show that gradation filling was used not by filling the inside, but by lines. ^^

And just like the shoelaces you can see in sneakers, make the shoelaces located on the back, and you’re done!

I thought that I could use it as a graph through the shape of the string in front of me.
The moment we added additional objects for that, the distraction intensified.
I wanted to let you know the concept, so I made the sauce that I showed you before.
I try to put it there too.

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