ppt background wet wipe theme animation included

ppt background wipe theme animation included

ppt background wipe theme animation included

Yesterday, after making a ppt material and introducing myself, I went to the living room for a while to eat some snacks, and then the crumbs flowed and I wiped it with a wet tissue and said, “Shall we make it?” The reason I had no choice but to say in my head.

It was because he was really like a brother, and it was also an opportunity to make it in a different design style.
It was because of this guy.

If yesterday’s ppt design was made with tissue paper as a concept and adding animation effects to it, today’s wet tissue ^^v

The reason my eyes were drawn to this was because of the plastic entrance part.
I just opened and closed it without thinking, but after making a similar theme yesterday, I immediately looked at it and found this cover part strangely attractive.

When I saw the wet wipes with the product’s name in it’s big and straight line, and without realizing it, the cover and background of the PPT came to mind.
So what should I do right away?

I changed the color a bit.
Perhaps it would not be too much of a problem to bring the RGB value that can be checked with the eyedropper function or the image viewer program to the color applied to the wrapping paper of the wet tissue you have and designate it as the background color.
In my case, as I left out above, I felt the charm of the cover of the entrance and started with an idea to emphasize the shape a little more, so I just chose the color by myself.

If you just look at anything, you’re the one who puts together basic shapes to make a picture, like a puzzle, right? ^^
If you look at my data and the process of making it again, many of you will think, “I don’t know if this person makes ppts or what he’s doing~” and I admit it, but it’s really fun to do this~ haha~ ^

After creating the characteristic shape of the lid that opens upwards, I placed the bottom border on the bottom, and the sticker on the top, and another round rectangle with different sizes at the top and bottom.

Using the cover of the wet tissue as the point of the ppt cover design, I was able to make it in a neat, fun, sympathetic, and on the other hand, focussed form.

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