ppt animation correction tape and graph

ppt animation correction tape and graph

ppt animation correction When the tape passes, a graph appears.

It seems like it’s been a while since I’ve introduced and talked about ppt animation effects.
Personally, I like it a lot and say it’s fun, but in fact, if it’s made wrong, it’s a source that you have to be careful about, especially.

because you think it’s just as bad as not doing it without a bad plan.
I always get ideas from people around me, right?
In particular, I get a lot of it at home, around my desk where I sit about 1/3 of the day, and the correction tape I chose today was the correction tape.

As the name suggests, this correction tape has a role and function that covers and covers for text correction, etc.

but if you think about the process, characteristics, and how we use it, the idea of ​​ppt design and animation effects in it I think you can easily think of

The shape and the movement it shows are clear and simple.
I think you will be able to find icon material without difficulty even in the process of designing it first in the PPT.

In the case of a hand holding a correction tape, if you search for a word about the size of a credit card.

there is an icon material that even has the shape of a hand holding it, so you can use the features of the EPS file to combine only the parts of the hand you need and write.

What I wanted to create and express with an animation effect is to use the characteristics of the correction tape that is attached like a band.

so that part can be captured as if drawing a bar graph or for the purpose of expressing a certain data or range. I wanted to include it.

To make it more natural for the band placed at the bottom with correction tape and a rectangular shape to come in contact.

I added a parallelogram shape to the end of the original round shape to match the angle.

And from now on, I am going to put the core ppt animation effects of this material.
Shouldn’t it be expressed as a moving hand that rolls the correction tape while squeezing?
I adjusted the options to move it to the right through the movement path effect.
At the same time, you will have to express it as if correction tape was pasted in the same way as the movement path at the bottom.
This will be defined and used for graph purposes in the ppt data.
Therefore, you can specify the animation effect so that the rectangular band at the bottom appears gradually from the left according to the speed of the hand movement.

​For the rest, we wanted to include additional, detailed information in the spaces created after moving.
it doesn’t mean anything different
I’ve just put a few in an example format.
87.9% On the left, where I did this, I made a type that uses a table and displays its range using its border function.

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