ppt animation template fingerprint recognition scan

ppt animation template fingerprint recognition scan

ppt animation template fingerprint recognition scan.

One of the things you use dozens of times a day seems to be unlocking through your smartphone’s fingerprint recognition.
If this is a ppt cover design with an intro character and added animation effects, I wondered if it would be possible to start pitti with a more fun and focused effect.
Since it is a concept of fingerprint recognition and unlocking that has a similar meaning to the beginning, I also thought it would be suitable for the main cover.

In fact, the reason, motive, and the reason I was able to try this thought were because of these materials that I was able to explore because I was able to expand my thoughts to fingerprints while looking for icons related to fingers and mazes at the beginning.

The proposals themselves contained a lot of the concept, and there was an idea to use it as a diagram because it was a line type at first.
This is because I thought it would be more fun to design a ppt cover with an original concept using animation effects.

Once I got a fingerprint icon I liked, I converted the EPS file into an extended Windows meta file and separated them all.
Instead of grouping them together and applying gradation to bring out the feeling, I went through a process such as treating each one with a single color and coloring with a gradation.
In the color information, dark navy colors other than hot pink above have RGB values ​​of 51, 54, and 84.

The ppt cover was finished simply like this.
It can be used simply by itself, but the original intention to include today was to include the movement of flicking and flicking a fingerprint as if scanning, so an additional process of applying animation effects was necessary.

There are many ways, but I think the easiest way is to just cover it up.
It is assumed that when scanning, it moves up and down along a specific horizontal line and only some of the fingerprints are shown along the line.

However, it was a bit disappointing that the size of the slide would increase as it had to cover the entire slide as well as the movement effect.
So, I placed two rectangles, but left a space in the middle.
It’s a more labor intensive method, but I think there is a way to cut the fingerprint icon into pieces.
And I think you can achieve that effect by changing the fill color in order.
But this will take too long.

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