ppt animation car light cover form

ppt animation car light cover form

ppt animation car light cover form.

I was able to focus more on the light part while making the material yesterday, so I came up with an idea related to it, so I made the second form today.
It looks like the car is the owner, but depending on the light it shines on, it can focus some other element… Well, if you pack it in grandiose way. ^^;;

Yesterday I found the side view, but today I needed the front view.
That’s because the headlights would actually be the main design focus.
This car icon won’t play a big role.
But like yesterday, the silhouette will come to life again, so it would be better to find an icon with a nicer and prettier car shape?

​First of all, what I needed for the PowerPoint cover design was its appearance, so I deleted the rest of the things I didn’t need.
You can also bring it as an image file and change the color of the photo to black tone.
Of course, there are some limitations in making changes to the style that I will continue, though.
Anyway, I left only what I needed, copied it again, and cut out only the top part.
This is because I was trying to capture the light shining from the front subtly on the ceiling.

Actually, you don’t have to do it, but the difference in detail brings a big difference in feeling even in PowerPoint design, so if you don’t, it will be a bit empty.
After that, I layered it on top of the car icon shape and colored it using gradation.
I think it would be more convenient to check the settings for this part by getting the original template.
Why not just set a gradient on that large object while watching it? Some of you may have thought that, and that is correct and it is a natural question, but what is it… What is that feeling?

Today’s PowerPoint form will also contain animation effects.
Again, the basic concept of using the stylish and attractive silhouette and light was the same, so I made the brake lights using shapes.

Take a basic shape by combining a square with rounded corners, a circular shape in an arc style, or a right-angled triangle.
I rounded the line using a circular connection point on the thick border line.
I was able to make the lines look alive by overlapping them in different sizes and colors.
Adding a neon effect will make it look even better.

It would be fun to make a light that falls on the floor.
Anyway, the main thing in today’s PowerPoint design is the front headlight light, so I think it’s a good part to try to balance it.
To do this, apply a transparent radial gradient to the circle shape and smooth the edges.

Now let’s make the main, shall we?
To make it a little easier, I copied and pasted the object I made in the first process by subtracting only the shape of the roof of the car.
And I changed it to a trapezoid shape by changing the shape in shape editing.
The light near the light is brighter, so it will be necessary to invert up and down to make a subtle difference in that area.

Lastly, I gently change the edges of this light to bring out the emotion.
In fact, the methods used in this PowerPoint design are almost the same.
You can just leave the trapezoidal shape as it is.
Like me, you can change the shape a bit through point editing.
And if you place the title part of the PowerPoint cover last, the basic design is finished.

In other words, the concept is to show the title of the car with a light !! ^^
It will look like it has been set up to look very complicated on the right.
It’s nothing else, all of them are just settings to capture the real characteristics of what we actually see.
The part where the light is properly transmitted is bright, and the part that is a little out of the way is dim.
I express it with a gradient in the text fill color.
As it is a design that assumes that the letters are standing in front of the car, like a billboard, the shadow effect from the back can appear with a sense of perspective.

This is the PowerPoint cover I made.

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