powerpoint SWOT analysis form using only the feeling with shadows

powerpoint SWOT analysis form using only the feeling with shadows

powerpoint SWOT analysis form using only the feeling with shadows

Ah, it’s been a while since I had a thought about the SWOT analysis page, so I started to work on it.
In fact, it can be used not only for SWOT, but also for organizing the contents of tables and cells.
As you will always see, there are a few PowerPoint design methods that I like.
Among them, I think the shadow is probably the most important thing that cannot be left out.

Because it itself can take on a certain shape or become a boundary, and it can also function to distinguish a space, you can create a subtly feel PowerPoint form by specifying the same object and background color and using the shadow effect. there will be

I put a rectangle shape first, and selected the default shadow effect in the lower right corner.
Then I reduced the size, blurred, and dramatically increased the spacing values.
It is not a fixed value as noted in the picture.
I would rotate the shape to give it a little bit of style, but then the shadow of the first atmosphere and the appearance from the angle will be slightly different, so you need to adjust it little by little.

Duplicate the previous two copies and place a total of three rectangles aligning them with the center point.
Please edit only the angle values ​​of the shadows.
So that the shadows all point to the center point.
And if you arrange the arrangement order to be the same as the numbering above, the border will be created through the shadow.

There is no need to add a shape to the bottom right corner.
Three is enough as the shadows will make one frame natural.
And I mentioned earlier that as the shape is rotated, the detailed values ​​are constantly changing in the process of finding the feeling.
The only important thing is to reduce the size, if you decrease the size of the shadow, you have to increase the spacing value to show it out, and softening it with the blur value is just that.

I made it separately to make the shadows look a little clearer, but you can make one set in advance and stack them one by one according to the arrangement order.
Create a text label area for SWOT analysis in the center using a rectangle with one rounded corner, and you are done.

It’s pretty simple, but it’s probably thanks to the shadow effect that I was able to make a PowerPoint page with a lively feeling, right?

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