powerpoint design chart 3D circular graph

powerpoint design chart 3D circular graph

powerpoint design chart 3D circular graph

As you can see from my other writings and materials, I can see that reinforcing the design of those charts can make you pretty even if it’s basic, but it takes a lot of time and it can be less efficient, so sometimes it’s easier and faster to make it yourself.

Especially one of the biggest weaknesses.
The most disappointing thing is that we can’t provide various types of charts and arrangements.
So today, I’m going to make a circular design chart on PowerPoint.

There are only two shapes used: a circle and an arc.
represent only non-existent chart sequences I think it would be good to think that way.

Most of the circular types in the PowerPoint basic charts are based on percentages, so I have no choice but to organize them into types that are fragmented from one circle.
On the contrary, in the case of the most commonly used bar type, there are also types of graphs that each data bar exists as a whole and separately.
One line of A data and one line of B data below or next to it.
But there’s no such thing as a circular chart. On the basic chart of Papo.

The point of today’s work is to make something with that concept into a circle.
It’s all done by hand. ^^
However, even if it looks a little troublesome, the method of making it is simple.
As you saw earlier, the arc will represent data, and a circular shape with a different size, with only a border, is a frame for the arc.
It will express it.
Of course, in this case, you can use a donut figure.
Actually, that’s more comfortable ^^

And in order to reinforce the feeling of being filled with arcs in this space, it’s easy to end by simply adding a shadow effect to the outer circular shapes.
After that, all we have to do is copy and paste them into one set ^^;;
You have to keep the ratio and keep reducing the size, so press the shift key to reduce it.
If you change the color of Wonho to different, you can use the color to accentuate the design.

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