power point template stand lighted background area

power point template stand lighted background area

power point template stand lighted background area.

There are several good viewpoints to take when designing PowerPoint. Among them, there are so many templates that I mention often, and there are so many templates made through them, so when I talk about it, my neighbors who often come to me say, “Oh, that’s the way”, you will know right away. I think there is.
It is about the ‘position of the gaze’, and if you break away from the rigid view of always looking straight ahead and see the same object obliquely from above, below, or from the side, and put the same concept into a PowerPoint template, it will be very interesting and new cover or background, Other sources can be made.

Another thing we can add to this is that we can’t really see it well, but just to make it clearer.
And it might be good to see it as the second version of the brother of the one linked above of the one I made today.

It’s just that the perspective has changed.
In other words, if the previous one focused only on the stand lighting, this one set the boundaries of the light itself along with the change in the position of the gaze so that it became the area of ​​the background.

Whether the shape I want to make is an icon, it would have been nice to be able to easily find it as a source, but I didn’t have it, so I made it myself with a shape.
I didn’t leave a detailed description of the work process because I thought you would know it well because it’s my favorite expression method.

A circle or other shape can be filled with a gradient or transparent solid color and then blur the edges to create the look of a shimmering light.
And conceptually, these features can accentuate and decorate the title, right?
All this week, the car, the stand, and I’ve been stuck in the light.

​Where does the stand illuminate, the desk? Or, it is usually the case of the floor of some place, and we don’t really think much about the shape or boundary of the place it illuminates.
I tend to focus only on the light and the dark.
If you interpret it as a complete form and apply it to the design, it can be combined with the top-down view to create a certain layout.

Actually, it leaves a regret that it was not expressed well, but if the concept of this PowerPoint template was not conveyed well, it is a problem in expressing the shape of the stand. I don’t think it is.

​So, in order to compensate for such weaknesses and problems, personally, in the layout or in the light part of the stand
It seems that various changes and supplements have been made to the design so that it can be interpreted that way by giving more information, “This is the light on the desk.”

Still, the concept was conveyed a little more clearly on the cover of today’s PowerPoint template, or if the stand lighting is shown more clearly from the side in the title and the background design maintains today’s concept, it will be sufficient I am thinking that it is possible.
Anyway, what I wanted to convey through these exercises and examples is the importance and value of changing the gaze of the worker looking at the object.
If you can sympathize with him, I think it would have been a successful exercise for me as well. ^^

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