popular plastic model concept ppt template

One of the design-related concepts that you see a lot when surfing the web is the plastic prefabricated kit of the plastic model.
As you can see from my ID, all the toys I used to play with when I was young were assembled one by one, so I fell into memories and felt fun.
I thought it could be applied to the ppt template design, so I had time to make it according to the trend.
Of course, I think I’m the type that requires a lot of work.
Even if you’re not from the same generation as me, I think you’ve seen and played with all these concepts at least once in your childhood.
Even if it’s not a toy, I don’t think it’s too much to gain sympathy because there are many parts made and packed like this.
First of all, the background color of the ppt slide is not very important, but I started by designating it as a brown color.

If you don’t know what today’s ppt template concept means, it would be nice to see the finished work below in advance.
The specific concept is a plastic kit in which each part of the prefabricated toy is connected to each joint.
Therefore, I will express the design in a way that connects not only the overall frame but also the specific contents that will be contained in it, and all the individuals in the same style as lines.
First of all, the square with rounded corners was made with a slight white line and shadow effect.
If you watch this, you’ll get the hang of it. Today’s ppt design concept. ^^
First of all, I started making examples based on the cover or the team member introduction page.
One of the most popular design examples was the characteristics of an individual, the specifications needed by job, and food recipes.
In other words, it was a method of decorating each component needed for one completed something according to the concept of the plastic model.
That concept works, too.
Personally, I thought it would be fun and unique to use it for ppt cover letters or resumes.
Educational background, award-winning experience, and experiences are arranged like sculptures, parts, and expressed in a way that completes me.

However, there was one of the most annoying parts of this ppt template design concept.
What clearly shows this concept is the connected plastic nodes that hold each part, right?
At first, it was just made of lines and rectangles, but it was very inconvenient because it had to be placed here and there and the length had to be changed.
So I made a new one using the table.
If you put the table in 23 or 32 as above and remove the fill color of both side cells in one column or row, it will be made like the last.
Just like a square and a line.
Of course, this guy also needs to be made one by one, top, bottom, left, and right, but if you make it, it’s much better to place it on each individual and modify it.
What! In your own comfortable way~ ^^
You can place it like this.
I don’t think it’s necessary to connect all four sides in a joint.
It’ll make you lose yourselves.
And based on this ppt example, each icon should have a frame, and they copied the object responsible for the entire frame and placed it additionally.
It’s a concept that requires a lot of work. (Laughs)

However, when you make it, it becomes a ppt design template that is very fun, reminiscent, and has a clear concept.
Compared to the things I’ve been looking at, the level is very low, but it was still a fun time making it while reminiscing about my childhood.

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