pool powerpoint background theme free form

pool powerpoint background theme free form

pool powerpoint background theme free form

When designing a space or object, it is very attractive to look at it and bring a part rather than the whole.
So, if you look at a part of the swimming pool in today’s PowerPoint design and read the article while thinking about the virtual viewing angle, it seems that you can make another transformation.

First, you need to create a swimming pool.
That gaze angle I mentioned earlier… I set it to look down a bit from above.
You have to consider the characteristics of the swimming pool where the deep space is located, and you have to think about the basics of perspective where things that are close are large?
I brought square and trapezoidal shapes as standard for him.
A rectangle with rounded corners was additionally placed for the purpose of expressing the vertex lines of the trapezoid as rounded.
Like this.

Therefore, if you say that it doesn’t matter if the edges are sharp, you do not need to use it.
It’s a very subtle design difference, but it’s nice to have it again. ^^
And if you subtract the shape, the shape capture is finished.
Actually, you can go the opposite way to make this shape… Anyway, that’s it. ^^

If you subtract the shape in the previous process, only the upper part will be left.
The reason I used the trapezoid was because of perspective.
And for the pool PowerPoint background design, it was necessary to express the sense of depth it has, and you can use the shadow effect.
Set the blur value to 0 and set the level with the spacing value.

And if you fill in the blue color, which can be said to be the representative color of today’s PowerPoint background, with a solid color in the slide background template, the basic design is finished.
In fact, it doesn’t matter if you’ve just done it this far.

But in the end, every design has a lot of difference in detail, right?
It’s water, but it doesn’t look like water… So I decided to make lines of tiles that look like a haze when looking in the water.
Arranged in a check form in a zigzag type with a curved shape
They saved it as a picture.

Is it my fully predictable PowerPoint design method? ^^
It is so weakly specified that it is hard to see in the image above, but by adding an additional square shape and filling in the pattern image made earlier in a tiled style, I completed the feeling of the pool floor tile.

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