news ppt template breaking news, anchor, announcer

news ppt template breaking news, anchors, announcers

News ppt template breaking news, anchors, announcers

It led to a presentation, which again developed into an expanded concept reminiscent of an announcer delivering the news.

I’ve been thinking about making it since the past, but I’ve been delaying it because it seems too complicated to make it myself, but I’m confident that the icons in this business category I’ve seen recently will help me make it very easy.

First of all, I painted the background and found the icons I wanted to use.
I wanted to show the anchor sitting on the deathbed and delivering the news on the slide, and I didn’t like the face and details contained in it, so I just wanted to show the icon with a pretty face, and the icon with a pretty dress shirt… Well, I’ve got all of these.

The background of PowerPoint is, after all, the background that we can easily see on the news screen, so we made it simple using icons with themes that we can easily see on them.

This can be filled with images, but I felt a little awkward that illustration pictures would be mainly used, so I finished by receiving a globe and changing the color of filling to be translucent.

It is missing from the working image, but the circular band on the outside is made by crossing two circles to subtract the figure.
It’s nothing special.

Now, I’m going to create a news anchor with the theme of PowerPoint today.
What the original icon on the right needed was a sitting figure.
In fact, other than that, the rest was not very pretty or helpful.
So I left only the necessary parts and deleted the rest.
It’s possible because it’s an EPS (extended window meta file) file, right?

And as I mentioned earlier, I revised the parts that I didn’t like about the face, dress shirt, tie, etc. by finding a separate icon and downloading and arranging them.

Doesn’t it look pretty with these two are combined? ^^
In the case of the hand shape, I looked for this, but it was not easy to find, so I just treated it like a mittens with a circular shape, but it didn’t look very strange because it was a picture anyway.

Combining icons like this, the anchor of the news is complete! ^^

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