Neat ppt template stick to the basics

Neat ppt template stick to the basics

Neat ppt template stick to the basics.

Today, I made a PowerPoint template by focusing only on keeping the basics and a clean feeling.
Therefore, I just used the basic shapes and functions of PPT to the extent that a detailed explanation on how to make it is not necessary.
The information that needs to be conveyed first is to the extent that only the color part is available ^^
The background color is RGB 232, 239, 244 and the orange color written as the point color is 250, 67, 36.
For users of version 2013 or later, it is convenient to use the eyedropper function
For previous versions, please enter the above values ​​in Custom.

Today’s Neat ppt template design seems to have been made just by hand, according to the flow of thought.
The first thing I came up with, I decided to approach it from the perspective of seeing each slide as a page that exists in one flow, rather than looking at each slide as an independent page.

These are things that you can easily see when looking at websites and other design-related materials, but I wanted to create such a structure once.
More than anything else, I thought of making a design form by maximizing it a little more.

By specifying a page transition effect going up and down, I thought that arrows would make it possible to recognize multiple pages as one, part of the flow.

As I said at the beginning, the contents can be easily seen in general PowerPoint compositions, so I think that it can be a general purpose that is easy to use. ^^

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