mint free ppt template with the appearance of the island

mint free ppt template with the appearance of the island

mint free ppt template with the appearance of the island

I will also share with you the materials that I will introduce and try to make today, but among the things we have made together, it seems that there are a lot of things that have the concept of the sea or something like that.

The 482th free ppt template to be shared has comfortable colors and detailed design and point elements were created with the concept of the sea, island, and beach.

Rather than expressing the sea with blue or plain sky colors, if you try a mint color that is closer to pastel tones, I think you can decorate it with a good background color to give a change while keeping the concept feeling sufficiently.
Apply 207, 232, 229 RGB information to the background.

As I mentioned before, I will use the sea, beach, and island for detailed design.
If I look around a lot these days, I think I see a lot of those shapes.
Because the angle of something falls off or, for example, the shape of the island itself is atypical in nature, it tends to catch a shape with such zigzag and bumpy lines.
Breaking away from such a stereotype, taking a representative, specific shape and creating a similar shape while preserving the feeling…
I can’t explain it well in words haha ​​^^;;

Well, if you look at the completed ppt template above and below, you will understand immediately.
Anyway, I made a large shape by arranging a rectangle with rounded corners, which I really like, by varying the size, width, and length, and arranging several of them.

If you look closely, it can be said that the convex coastline from the island shape and the retracted part are all expressed as rectangles with rounded corners.
If I round the corner lines of the connecting parts a little more, I think the overall shape will fit better, so I finished using the objects created by subtracting the circle and square combinations one by one.

First of all, you should be able to check the RGB value information of the fill color when you look at the original template, but I will inform you that it is 249, 240, 225.
Since the concept is island, sea, and summer, the icons also found such things and finished the ppt design work by simply giving points.

As always, if you decide on just one of the representative colors, certain shapes, and expressive effects, creating and decorating detailed components in the design is not a problem.

Diagrams and graphs that are always created and used, so you just have to apply the ones you have chosen from this free ppt template design.
In particular, it seems that color is just basic and almost everything.

Shall we use the island shape we made earlier as a graph? And the airplane icon I put in just to save the points, and the plane icon I put in behind it for fun…
Looking at the cloud figure I put in to express the smoke, shall I use it as a callout or arrow? It was made with the idea that

The graph part was made using the gradient’s stop point characteristics in the line color fill, but I think there are some difficult parts in adjusting it ^^

Anyway, if you try to make any page composition or ppt template form by matching only the color and maintaining the shape of the main figure, I think you can make the entire page while maintaining the concept without difficulty.

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