magnifying glass ppt graph, How to highlight and make it

How to highlight a magnifying glass ppt graph

magnifying glass ppt graph, How to highlight and make it.

Today, I’d like to talk about the ppt design, composition, and point concept that we use a lot.
It’s a magnifying glass.
Originally, the function itself is to enlarge something greatly, so it is often used to lead to a larger effect of focusing some of the many contents on ppt.

There might be people who need this kind of concept style, and I wanted to make it while thinking of it, so I worked on it.

And even if it’s the same theme, it can change depending on how the content is included and organized.
Also, I wanted to find out whether the content delivery could be more effective through these and other changes.

In fact, there is no need to make a magnifying glass that will be the main focus of today’s ppt design.
It’s probably because there are so many different things that you can easily get from the free icon site.
When you look for icons like this, rather than just focusing on the basic purpose of finding shapes or pretty things, I think it will help you develop your senses as well as what combinations or design expressions each material has.

For example, you can see how the magnifying glass is expressed here.

Anyway!! It’s easy to get there, but it’s easier for me to make it, so I just glanced at the shape and made it into a figure.
It’s so annoying to convert to emf or wmf.
If there are four types of doughnuts, circles, squares, and trapezoid shapes, you can make them quickly, so it’s not difficult.

It’s over if you combine and arrange each and specify just the filling and border.
Subsequently, depending on the details of the process and configuration, the circular shape placed inside may not be necessary.

I didn’t leave a detailed ppt design process, but I added a shadow effect.
The handle was cut to fit the slide boundary.

Actually, this is all in the magnifying glass theme ppt design style, right?
However, I think how to use this can determine the completeness of the entire page, but I have made about three things as an example.

I think magnifying glass is an element that goes very well with the graph.
I think it can be a great tool, especially when you want to get more detailed information about some data in one main graph, that is, when you want to get two charts.

It’s even better to use the original function and purpose to focus on the specific parts of the chart, right?
The inner graph is not made separately.
It is a bolded version of the data value by increasing the numerical size.
The line is a free-form figure, and it is only thicker by creating separate lines along the original graph line.
Then it’ll look like it’s

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