Please refer to the following pre-arranged questions about the scope of use or download.

■ Available

Basically, it can only be used for personal and internal use purposes, such as tasks or reports of students and office workers, and external use of public interest can be used as an exception.

  • For students to submit assignments
  • For the purpose of strengthening students’ external experience and capabilities, it is used as data for contests and supporters’ activities
  • Introduce personal tasks and reports made using allaboutppt’s data to blogs and SNS (PPT files cannot be shared)
  • Use online and offline for the purpose of introducing allaboutppt to the public
  • In-house submission, reporting, sharing, and preparation of data for PT purposes by office workers
  • Use for public relations activities of public institutions and related agencies on topics and purposes of public interest and public nature.

※Private companies, foundations, corporations, and organizations can use the data if the purpose of the data is for public and public interest.

■ Not available

  • Use for commercial purposes (posting, signing, printing publications, etc.) on the website and blog for commercial purposes of private companies and individuals.
  • First, it is produced as in-house data, but it is accompanied by the purpose of posting, distribution, and sharing externally (e.g. proposal, utilization of the purpose of winning a project)
  • Redistributing shared data to gain economic benefits
  • Upload and redistribute the original template itself to community sites, blogs, other sites, and SNS.
  • Using data for political and religious purposes
  • Utilize YouTube for promotion and revenue generation
  • Use as lecture materials for professional instructors (private educational institutions, private freelance instructors, and university professors)

※If you want to introduce the data, please link to allaboutppt here.

※All other similar acts with similar purposes are not allowed to be used, and legal responsibility may be imposed for unauthorized use.