If you’re interested in your surroundings, everything’s a ppt design idea.

It’s one of the habits of making ppt data every

I just keep looking around. ^^

Is there anything that can be made into a piti or a sauce?

I’m in the bathroom today. ^ ^ Haha~

That’s what I think.

I was originally in my job and my major was in college. I used to work in planning and marketing.

They usually use these expressions a lot.

“Having a nice, low, modern, you know what? Something stylish and modern…”

And everybody’s going to react like this.

“What is it like? Can you draw and express us a specific example of what you’re thinking in your head?”

I’m sure many of you will be looking for this vague feeling before you do the PowerPoint design.

So I think it gets harder to make.

It’s not specific, it’s just very abstract and simple feelings.

I think it’s very important to shape it. And that’s the easiest way.

So I think reference work must be preceded.

If you find something similar to what I think you’re thinking, it’s easier for you to communicate with each other, and for me to build.

Rather than looking far away, pay attention to the surroundings, and take it as the main concept of PowerPoint design, and then capture those images, feelings, in the process of making it.

If the source is clear, I think the feeling can be expressed well with just the color and the

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