green gradient ppt template, stylish theme

green gradient ppt template, it is a design that enhances the style

green gradient ppt template, it is a design that enhances the style

In the end, the ppu template can be defined as choosing a design theme and applying it to each object and composition to the point of persistence. .
Of course, on the other hand, he is also the guy who makes it difficult to even start because of that.
However, since last week, I have been writing with the hope that you can break free from such preconceived notions by introducing and sharing some example template sources.

In other words, what do you think when designing a ppt template?
I wonder if we are thinking more complicated than necessary.
That is, it is always new and unique, even in any form, composition, or arrangement.
No, actually, if you look closely at that thought, it is difficult, no no!! It can be said that I am only imagining very abstract things that I myself do not know what I want to make.
Of course, if those concerns and planning are done well, we can create good and wonderful materials, but it is not easy.
In that case, it would be good to just think about it.

“Let’s just go simple~ After all, the PPT is all there.”
I’m not giving up, I’m thinking realistically ^^
If you still feel like you ate a sweet potato, try using a gradient background and white point color.
Today’s material will be that tip.

Gradients have a lot of charm. Like this green gradient ppt template.
Even if you bring a nice and colorful background image, I think that it cannot match the charm and style that only this coloring effect can deliver.
You can treat it as today by changing the brightness of one color, or you can use two or more colors that are completely contrasting.
You can decorate it nicely with just that.

But that alone has its limits.
I remember one day, when I was writing, I was hesitant to write a lot, saying that white is really important when designing PowerPoint.
It allows you to harmonize with any color, and especially with a darker background color like today, it not only improves readability, but it also provides a tone-up effect.

How did you see it?
It’s a story I tell every time, but it’s the same thing we make in PowerPoint every day~
Change only the gradient color in today’s design.
It will be different again.

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