funny ppt background, open paper.

Funny PPT background, open paper

funny ppt background, made paper as hand.

On my computer desk, I have a bunch of A4 papers for memos, and while looking at them, I remembered the image of unfolding a rolled up piece of paper.

When you open rolled paper or these things, the parts that are not pressed with your hands are curled inward.
In fact, these are things we often see and experience, right?
Anyway, I tried to make it look like a PowerPoint background.
First of all, I don’t think the background color has much meaning.

Since it will only represent white paper, I think a dark color that contrasts perfectly with it would be better.
I tried to make the shape of a rolled paper cylinder, which started when I made this PowerPoint design concept that I introduced earlier.
It’s simple.
I think there are two ways to create a shape.

If you insert two rectangles with rounded corners and place them as shown on the left, then subtract the shape to create a shape like the one right next to it.

Another way is to have a child named Save Data among the flowchart shapes. If you place a rectangle in the middle and place it at the top and bottom, you will be able to create the same shape.

It seems like it would be good to just increase the shape of the saved data, but it gets weird in proportion.
First, fill in the shape you created with a solid white color.
Then, right after that, select one of the preset values ​​for the gradation option to express three-dimensional, shading.

After doing this, copy and paste to make another one, rotate it and place it on the back side. Thanks to the gradient color, you can create the shape of a cylinder with curled paper without any additional work.
Do not use up/down inversion when rotating.
Use the Alt key and the left and right arrow keys to rotate.
That way, the position of the shade will change.

If you want to make it look like there are a few more inside, just copy the PowerPoint design object created above, reduce its size, and put it right in the middle.
So far, I think you can make it without difficulty.
The problem is the following. ^^;;

I told you today that the PowerPoint background design concept is the shape of the paper made above, spread out from side to side.
So I needed a hand.
Of course, you can use icon material that looks slick, but I wanted to make the shape of the hand a little more three-dimensional and lively.

In fact, the hands that actually spread the paper left and right are slightly bent, not the way we spread our palms flat like a flat one, right?

So, I decided to put a rectangle and make them point-edited.
Anyway, roughly the composition of the hand drawing using the PowerPoint shape created in that way is as above.
I brought it from the hand icon that shows only the thumb above and used it.

For the background area of ​​PowerPoint, I used a trapezoidal shape by default.
I slightly modified the upper line to be rounded inward with point editing, but it is not essential.
The reason for this shape can be seen when you roll an A4 sheet of paper once, hold the lower part with your hand, and unfold it.
It’s a bit curled up inside.
So just the basic shape will look like this for now.
I actually made a shape by doing that too ^^

So, are you worried about how to express the dried up feeling?
All you need is a gradient and a shadow you create yourself.
The top part that hasn’t been stretched out yet will be away from the bottom of the quadrant.
So there will be a shadow, and the shape will be easily created and expressed by adding a soft edge effect to the right triangle.

You can use gradation for the rolled-up paper shape, but if it is difficult to express it all at once, you can arrange it in the same way, with only slightly different shapes.

It’s easy to say… Actually, it took me quite a while to design this PowerPoint background while keeping the feel.
Anyway, this is the PowerPoint cover and background form I made.
The cover is a bit disappointing~ ^^
I think it would be better if we put a little more planning in it.
I think it would be good if you put your thoughts into it and try to transform it.

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