free ppt background – paper, tape

free ppt background

Free ppt background – made of paper and tape.
It’s a very simple type, so I’d like to introduce you to the ppt background design in a way that makes you feel neat, but doesn’t look monotonous or boring.
You may feel it when you look at my materials, but there are some concepts and design expressions that I like.
It can be said that paper is representative of them, and the reason is that it is the same paper with small changes and shadow effects, but it has the advantage of being able to vary its shapes and designs.
It’s familiar and good for use in PowerPoint.
So far, I’ve made a lot of background and diagram-specific styles, and I think you’ll see a lot if you look at the blog.
Being able to change various concepts into one clear concept is a great help when working on ppt design.
Anyway, it’s a square box.
The idea of detailed changes and how to give points is actually that when you grab a piece of A4 paper, bend, tear, and fold it around, you get a lot of answers to it.
There are many things to refer to among the existing designs using paper.

Among them, this is the paper! I think the way to say that is to express some sides in a zigzag shape.
Like it’s ripped.
And it will be easy to make into a freestyle figure or a curved figure.
There is no correct answer to its shape.

Anyway, there is probably no other way than shadows to make more of that value and fun for the ppt background design objects of the paper concept that have been made.
Gradient can be a way, but I’m a little careful because I can lose my neatness.
If you take the shape yourself instead of the shape-based shadow, the shape of the paper can be perceived differently due to the shadow shape.

If you increase the shadow thickness of one part as above, it will look more apart from the wall, just as the paper in that part is out forward.

After that process, the ppt background design is completed like the illustration picture.
There are some good things to do with paper concept designs, right?
When you make the point stand out the point.
Tape, and the fixing parts on the tack, pin, or file iron, tongs… If you look at office and school supplies, you will think of them quickly.
If you find the icon and place them right away, the design will be done more easily.

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