Design the ppt cover like a leaflet

I think a neat and fun design can be completed by breaking down the boundaries of the ppt cover and referring to the arrangements and configurations found in other design fields.
Considering that it’s just a container or a difference in drawing paper within one large frame of design anyway, I think leaflets and posters can also be a good ppt background and cover concept.

In particular, even when we just make PPT, it is common to divide a slide, that is, set a divided layout, and organize the content, so I think the leaflet method of folding and dividing it into several steps will be a good feature to incorporate into PowerPoint.
So today, in the end, I made a cover material with the main theme by putting the characteristics of the screen split, that is, the leaflet, on the slide, although it doesn’t look much different from the existing papo designs.
It’s just… There’s really nothing different.
Except that we want to divide into three areas ^^

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