cute ppt template courier box theme

cute ppt template courier box theme

cute ppt template courier box theme design

When I design a template with the functions in the ppt directly with shapes and lines, it gives a cute feeling with a drawing style to give an illustration-like sensibility, and my work style is tailored to using the PPT’s own function, so those types are even more important. It seems to be made a lot.

The start of today’s form was a delivery box that anyone could receive at least once a month, no matter how bad it was.
As I opened the box that the delivery driver gave me, I thought that I could make it into a ppt template again. ^^
As I was making things, other than the cover, the theme was weakened.

I wanted to put the ppt cover design in a cute delivery box.
The specific target that came up with this concept was actually the invoice sticker part.
I always get ideas from within my life, but I think I’m particularly interested in things that have the shape of cotton.

When I saw the invoice sticker containing information such as the shipping address and shipping address, I just thought that it would be interesting to include information such as the name of the presenter and submitter as the concept.

So, I made a box by myself, and it has a lot of icons, so you can bring it and use it, but the box type is so simple that it might be convenient to just make it.

​For the box, I thought that it would be best to design it as looking down, and since it is not possible to know what it is if it is just a flat type, I put parallelograms on the side and bottom to give a three-dimensional expression.

I mentioned that the theme of today’s ppt template is a delivery box, and among them, the invoice sticker was the main one, but since I made it while watching the real thing, it didn’t feel good no matter how simplified it was.

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