cute ppt template ice cream and mint style

cute ppt template ice cream and mint style

cute ppt template ice cream and mint style free source.

Today, I created a page-like shared material by expressing the shape of the ice cream in a very cute way and incorporating the colors and shapes used in each template form, but I just wrote a figure, the color information is like this. That’s enough to finish the explanation. ^^

If you look at the ppt basic figure, you can adjust the top and bottom corners differently.
The name is “Square with rounded corners.” Make the shape of the stick ice cream by changing the corners of the top and bottom, and make the shape of the stick using the same shape or something else, and that’s it ^^

What is more important than the actual form is the bolding of the borderline and the information about the color of the fill, right?
The mint color is 159, 238, and 239.
Here, I filled in the pattern.

The light brown color on the bar is 250, 202 and 141, so you can modify it by entering the RGB color information from the Custom tab.

That’s it for the explanation. ^^ haha~ The rest of them are just like this, because each ppt template composition form can be applied in a consistent manner.
The ribbon shapes on the top page, which is made as a cover, are all basic to PPT.

The purpose was to unify the design concept and create a cute style, so it was round… It would be helpful if you could choose the basic figures that have those lines.
Font will also be very important.

For the ice cream shape, you can just use the icon, right?
But it might be faster to just make it than to find it and download it.
I think it would be more helpful to use the materials to increase the design value by referring to the colors written on the icons.
Use the main concept objects you have created or downloaded as just labels and point objects.
As I always say, I think it’s enough to have one thing that can make the point because all the ppts we make are the same and the composition is the same.

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