Clean, simple mint color ppt template

Let’s get rid of our greed for PowerPoint templates and make them very neat and faithful to the basics. That’s what I wanted to focus on today’s design.
As I make themes every time, I also get greedy when there are conflicts.
I really like simple things, but many people are taking care of me, and I use them for my assignments and work, so if I try to meet those various needs, there are times when I get out of my original taste, so I thought that today’s really filling up.

There are some things that get a lot of attention in life style these days, right? There’s YOLO and there’s a bend, but I think it’s simple and fun to pursue without changing.

Powerpoint templates, I think, are generic, and I thought the only way to organize things neatly anywhere is to put emotions into them through basic and color.
I’ll give you the information on the colors used in today’s data as above.
All objects are basic shapes.

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