car ppt cover animation, the silhouette is stylish.

car ppt cover animation, the silhouette is stylish.

car ppt cover animation, the silhouette is stylish.

If there are two fields that I personally like and have a lot of interest in besides the design part such as ppt, one is sports and the other is automobiles.
Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve ever made a lot of PowerPoint materials with a topic or concept like this.
In fact, the live-actions are so cool, and it’s nice to decorate the cover or background style with them, so I think maybe my interest has moved away from the ppt.
But, no matter how good the photos convey a great feeling, there is one thing that cannot be expressed, right?
move right away.
It must be an animation effect, but I decided to design a cover that gives off a cool feeling by incorporating some of the strengths of PPT.

First of all, I decided to make a style that emphasized the silhouette a bit today.
Again, this was an approach to expression in that way because of the weakness of not being able to follow the quality of live-action whether using icons or making your own.
I’m thinking of making and introducing another version 2 tomorrow. Please accept the car icon regardless of whether it’s the side, the front, or the rear.

Well, depending on the work you are doing, you can bring it as a png image file.
I will use the black as it is, and it does not matter if I do not use the EPS file because I will only be doing cropping with this source.
I habitually proceeded with the ^^ EPS icon.
What the silhouette can reveal…
How to express it…

Two things came to my mind, one was a three-dimensional feeling, a feeling that is often seen when a curtain is put on, and the other was a style of light and shadow.

I chose this latter, and to create an object that will act as the light, I made a shape object along the car line as described above.

​And it doesn’t have to be a gradient like I wrote above.
I wrote it wrong, but instead of black, just fill it with white and give it a bit of transparency.
Finally, you can add a soft edge effect.
After that, if you change the background of the ppt slide to black, the feeling of the silhouette will be expressed.

But wouldn’t it be cool to end it like this?
So I made the rear light part as a point.
The method is the same as in the previous one.
It creates light shapes with basic shapes or freeform shapes, and uses transparency + soft edges to create lights and lights.

​The description is missing, but the text is also colored with gradients.
If you add animation effects to the black ppt cover design of the completed auto silhouette and show the characteristics of this concept more dramatically, you can express emotions and effects that cannot be conveyed by photos with figures and icons.

The first start shows that the car is standing by changing the brightness so that the silhouette of the car can be revealed.
Then, as if the light was turned on, the objects were continuously played with a wiping effect.
The text too.
In addition, the silhouette object that was played first disappears.
It’s text and photos, so you can’t get a good sense of how the ppt cover changes?
Do not worry.
In this topic, I always leave a video as a preview ^^

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