blackboard ppt background theme chalk and simple animation

blackboard ppt background theme chalk and simple animation

Blackboard ppt background theme chalk and simple animation.
I think one of the most attractive things in PowerPoint design is the line.
Thin and concise lines make the design look very neat and convey a tidy feeling.
I think dotted lines can also be used as an attractive factor thanks to their own characteristics.
But it’s usually the same for me, but I don’t think there’s a design method that’s accessible other than changing the type and color of the line in terms of design changes or effects that’s not pretty and detailed when the thickness gets thicker.
Then why don’t you pay attention to transparency?

How does it feel when the thick white line meets the transparency? What kind of design values and charms will they deliver?
I thought the power point concept that could best express it was the blackboard.
There are people who are students right now, and there were school days… These days, there are many places where chalk is missing, so the empathy part may weaken a little, but the appearance of blurring when a writing written with chalk is erased with an eraser.
Can’t you give that feeling? ^^

When I erased my favorite curved figure with a blackboard eraser, it was inserted in a zigzag shape like it looked.
If you double-click where you want to finish without going back to the starting point, you can quickly make it this difficult because it is left as a line, not a face.

And it’s enough to have several or two of them slightly differently.
Then, designate it in white and add slightly different transparency values.
This part was also adjusted in the figure form because it can feel softer if the ends of the line are rounded.

Then it’s very simple, but there’s no need to put in other design effects because the color of the blackboard is filled in the background slide, the transparency value is set, and the lines with more than one overlap clearly show the erased with the blackboard eraser.
These can be used as point design objects not only on the cover but also in the process of creating contents in the future.

The box type, which will show the layout of the PowerPoint detail page background, was also used in the same way and captured in a way that two or more overlapped with the characteristics of transparency.
Anyway, we don’t have to explain that the concept is that everyone thinks of the blackboard even when we look at this dark green and white.
If you use icons to organize the contents with this background form, use Sketch concept materials.
It’s fun and it’ll fit perfectly with the concept.

It may be possible to strengthen the concept and help understand it with dynamic movement in the same design, right?
Because it’s an animation effect, and two text boxes are overlapped in the plan.I have a hand icon, an eraser made of shapes, and the text written at first is erased as my hand moves, and then that zigzag erased image comes out together.
Finally, it consists of writing new letters.

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