arrow ppt diagram 3D feeling

arrow ppt diagram 3D feeling

arrow ppt diagram 3D feeling

First of all, the background is a solid color, and I processed it using the basic color as it is.
It doesn’t have to be this color, and you can apply a gradation with one color tone, but personally, I think a solid color would be better.

The reason is that, as you can see in the process that follows, we plan to make this into a three-dimensional space through the transparency of each stop point of the gradient.

The difference in color brightness and shade in ppt design helps to express space and three-dimensional effect very simply.
So I can make shadows like that too.
In a linear gradient, all the stops are equally black, and the opacity values ​​are slightly different.
You can make it look like a cliff.

I didn’t know it at first, but when I saw this post, I thought, “Yeah, is that so?” Some of you must have done it?
The following ppt diagram design objects will further enhance the visual interpretation.

I think it would be best to use this word as an expression as it is, not as a proverb, like a serpent climbs over a wall, in terms of today’s work.
The arrow shape goes up all the way up, and I’m imagining that it went down inside the cliff in the middle and then came up again.

arrow ppt diagram It can be quickly made with three shapes: trapezoid, square, and triangle, like the one on the right.

If you bring the rectangular shape with the transparent linear gradient that you created earlier to the front, the shape you want to express will appear well.
Here, you can finish today’s ppt design, put an icon and text, and just finish.
What if the arrows point to the left and right on both sides?

Actually, I came up with this while thinking about it, but of course there are various ways to do it.
But, as you can see, I needed to go through some distracting and complicated processes, and I needed to edit the dots.

I wanted to make an arrow with a slightly rounded corner, so I had no choice but to make a line with a blocked arc.
Anyway, it’s a tedious process.
I don’t really want to recommend it 😉

Anyway!! As I introduced at the beginning, if I make separate shapes, edit points, and combine them, the ppt diagram design material is finally created in this shape.
Whatever… Even if it’s a little hard work, I personally like it more and I don’t think it’s awkward.

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