iPhone, smartphone layout ppt template

I think it’s always an unsolved problem and a series of concerns about what kind of concept to make PowerPoint templates.
I’m in the process of working on hundreds of materials, and I’m getting more concerned about ideas these days. ^^
One of my personal thoughts that I’ve often told you about is that the field and type of powerpoint design source that goes really well with each other, right?
Monitor, television, and smartphone!

But you’re worried again, aren’t you?
I think it’s the same.
But that’s what I thought.
Regularly newly released, redesigned devices.
Isn’t that another opportunity for workers who want to make papo with this concept to ease their worries about the change? ^^

I think PowerPoint is almost the same as a website after all.
Especially when it comes to composition.
Therefore, I tend to spend a lot of time looking at various websites in Korea or abroad to refer to them and read trends.
Mobile webs and apps on the extension line are also subject to viewing.
But as I looked at it, there was one characteristic that stood out.
When the homepage design companies show the complete draft, they frame the models of a particular brand.

It was the iPhone.
The reason why we use this model as an outer frame on the page, “We designed it like this, right?” I think it was because it was very attractive, fun, and pretty in design.

I just felt it.
So, I’ll decide right away!
Let’s put it in the PowerPoint template.
Even if it’s the same brand, let’s borrow the design strengths and uniqueness of this model.

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