leaflet, diary, smartphone layout ppt template

I love the basic shapes of PowerPoint.
It’s much more so because you like to combine them or transform them into design objects, but that’s why you can see how attractive they are, how many design styles they can easily create.
On the chart, Wonho is really representative, and when you make a diagram or a power point design form with a living diagram or a three-dimensional image, trapezoidal shape, and parallelogram are very attractive and useful.
What is the attraction of trapezoidal shapes in powerpoint designs?
It’s that even if you don’t use a three-dimensional format, you can capture perspective thanks to its unique angle of oblique line.
One of the most memorable things in my data was the stair concept template, and the trapezoidal shapes help me to design a power point with a sense of perspective without touching other options.

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