The background color appears when the paint is poured onto the ppt slide.

I was wondering if there was something simple to express about the ppt template.
It’s very simple, but in the beginning and process of thinking that it’s possible to create a background with design points that contain planning and ideas, I was able to click on the functions of PPT and others.
It was about filling shapes.

“Wouldn’t we use this as a concept in ppt background design?”
I looked at the functions of Pippity as a tool and a means to do something, and I thought, as I had done a template with the concept of point editing before, it would also be able to shape something based on functionality.
an act of coloring
something concrete subject to represent it If I chose that, I thought I could make a very simple but clear concept of course.
So, as everyone does, there are a few things that come to mind.
Paint, paint, brushes, rollers, and so on were the object of the product.

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