3D stationary tongs, paper ppt background template

I always say that even if it’s not an idea nearby, let’s find a specific source of ppt design.
And instead of looking far away at the time, range and location of finding it, they’re telling us to look from the desk, the house, the school, the workplace, the really familiar place, and the source on today’s ppt cover, the background.

It’s a tip from this point of view, but the other big part of the reason I’m telling you the process and method of making it is because there’s a specific object that you’re imagining and doing, so you can see and follow what you see, and there’s a lot of difficulty in making it.
You can see something and follow it.
But that’s what words make of it, and in the detailed process of trying to put it in the ppt, it’s very natural to use it and look at it.
“Oh, there’s something like this. I think we can try this.”
It is also a recommended method because it provides an opportunity to learn and apply.

But there’s only one thing.
I hope you don’t look too forward to the subject of the concept.
So, if you look at it more obliquely or differently from what I’ve seen before, I think the ppt design is going to increase in value, and I think I’ve realized a lot of that while I’ve been doing it.
If you look at the box, it’s just a square that’s not attractive from the front, but can you look at it from below? Or from the top. If you look at it more obliquely, the shape itself changes and it feels better.
The stationery tongs that we chose today at the ppt will increase the amount of work that we need to rotate the basic shapes and gradate them to make them, but it will certainly help us achieve good results for our design completeness.

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