PowerPoint Graphics Work Designed in 3D Format

When we start to get used to and feel confident about PowerPoint, we feel like we want to increase our ppt value through a higher level of design and graphic expression.
But for him, you need to know how to handle photoshop, illustrations, so that you can get more complete results, and it’s never easy to learn and deal with something new.
So one of the things I want to do and pursue while writing about powerpoint design on my blog is that I don’t need Photoshop or Illustration.
It’s also called “Let’s just end it with ppt.”
Why? Because it’s possible. ^^
Sometimes, some people look at my powerpoint design materials and comment like this.
“He’s just drawing.”
Then I think that the purpose and goal of designing something like Photoshop and illustration with only ppt that I pursued was delivered.
On the other hand, it’s inefficient, right?
But on the other hand, the dualized way of opening another program to do powerpoint work, working there, bringing it in ppt, is also going to be inefficient.
So in the end, let’s end it with a powerpoint that everyone can handle!
Another reason is not just a ppt, but because my work and writing are a practice for infographic and one of the two pillars that I pursue.

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