PPT SWOT Analysis Page Design, Layout Composition using Road Shape

It’s been a long time since I’ve made a page material with the theme of ppt swot analysis.
In fact, not only business administration majors, but now most of the students are doing team projects and putting them into the analysis and planning process at least once on this SWOT analysis page.
I have no choice but to take the obvious configuration, and it’s one of the things that makes it easier, so I think it’s a very disappointing part.
But surprisingly, the framework and layout of the basic analysis technique are clear and simple, so there are a lot of themes and concepts that we can apply, and we just didn’t try to do that, so we just organized it in a square box.

I think we can approach it from two perspectives.
One is to incorporate the design of the ppt into the four boxes, and the other is to think about the idea in terms of four divisions.
The specific concept of ppt design today is a road that is often used.
The range will be met several times a day.
It’s easy to pass by, and it may not be special to use it as a design concept for the sweet analysis page, but it’s also easy to design, so I decided that it’s an example that’s accessible and easy to make.

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