You made a ppt background and cover with wet wipes?

In my house, not everyone’s home and company. Any other idea of ppt design that can be found anywhere.
Because I think and imagine so many things about PPT in my life, I’ve never heard of it or seen it before, so I often introduce it with strange themes.
One of the reasons for that was that I wanted to make something different and that I wanted to move forward was the ppt infographic and that I didn’t need any photoshop or anything.
Lastly, I think it’s because I can get rid of the boredom of making hundreds of materials.

Maybe that’s why I have a habit of looking around here and there, and I have a habit of dividing them into shapes and analyzing shapes.
I think that’s why I think it’s easy to make.
So in my ppt design form, there’s a lot of familiar things in my house, in my office, in my street, that’s what I’m doing. ^^

Today, I worked on the cover and background using a wet tissue on the table at my table.

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