ppt Basic Chart Not Not Pretty, Not Not Decorating

Today, I’m going to talk about the design of the ppt basic chart.
I’m especially like that, but since I enjoy making things by myself, I think I’m able to create and express concepts rather than the basic graphs.
But there’s a little misunderstanding about this.
I think it means, “Oh, this person doesn’t think the function that they provide is good.”
But it’s not like that’s not at all. So I think we need to get rid of the idea that it’s a great ppt design if we create something on our own and create something new, just like I do.
The reason why I don’t focus on those things when I’m writing ppt is because I’m not trying to explain the orientation or the basic functions that I’m trying to convey, but I’m trying to target them and not to convey information about them.

Never exclude or ignore the basics.
I’m sure you know the reason is that there is no more comfortable and efficient way to make ppts than that.

For example, if you make a pie chart like this, you’ll use Wonho, but it’s too much to express each and every one of them, right?
So because I’m looking to expand and apply it from an infographic perspective, which adds a design concept to the basics, I think the whole foundation is in the PPT itself.

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