free ppt template with oblique shape

At PowerPoint, sometimes, maybe almost every time, it’s the basic shape that’s easy to be treated with “you’re too uniqueness.”
But if you look at my past template data, you might find time, opportunity, and examples to identify the charm and style of those kids that we didn’t even know about.
If you get rid of the stereotype that PowerPoint designs become cool and unique only when you bring something new and something you haven’t seen before, you’ll be able to find something unexpected.

And today, from that point of view, I’ve been looking at a list of shapes on the Insertion tab, and I’ve started to make data out of something I’ve never chosen before.
It’s called diagonal stripes.
In fact, as I showed you at the bottom, it’s the same as the trapezoid rotated, and the ability to adjust the angle of the diagonal line is also the same.

But if there’s a slight difference, it’s going to be a part of adjusting the width and thickness, not the angle.
So, for the sake of layout or for the convenience of inserting text, we could use the trapezoid as the main, and so did I.

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