I like all the ppts, but I’m sorry about the design, the brush

I usually emphasize that I don’t need other design and image editing programs for ppt design, such as Photoshop and Illustration, and I actually work with only the functions provided by PPT, but there’s only one thing that I can’t do. I think it’s about brush tools.

Other things can be done using shape functions, point editing, or other basic functions and effects, and they can be fully created, expressed, and well applied, but these unique pen-and-brush designs are not available on their own.
So I like ppt designs that feel like that, but I don’t think I can choose to do it often because I want to introduce a method that everyone can follow easily.

Anyway, since there is also a purpose for sharing templates, we decided to make a background form of Korean tradition or calligraphy that we wanted to make.

Downloading the original file of this material is attached to a blog post that introduced the process.
Click the link below to go to the appropriate text on my blog.
Please check the attached file after moving.

free ppt template download powerpoint design theme 20201005 File No341

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