Black Theme free ppt Template

Just like the clothes we wear in winter and the colors we choose, I’m going to use the colorless theme of black, gray, and white to create these forms.
I think these concepts are more likely to be preferred by office workers when they’re doing PT, when they’re writing proposals, reports, etc., and I think it’s because the heavy feeling that only Black has sometimes comes as a trust.
The ppt template in the concept of black and gray was simple and simple, including the cover page, and I thought there was nothing to tell you about how it was made because most of the shapes were made in the process and method of making it.

I brought the phone’s lines and buttons from the concept.
There are many times when the line brings me a lot better than filling in the whole thing, but I wanted to be grumpy for no reason, or I wanted to feel like this, so I made a zigzag line and wrote down the title and name.

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