The light illuminated by the stand light becomes the ppt background space.

Choosing a theme for the ppt background is a difficult process because it’s a part of planning after all.
Anyone can make PPT and can handle it, but it’s hard to decide what to make, but in fact, PowerPoint doesn’t require a very high level of skill, function, or knowledge, so practice getting ideas and finding them.

And I think it’s really important to practice how to actually capture and express it. Anyways, it has my own way of expressing my feelings, so planning, not technology, will be very important. Whenever I do that, I have my own way of making a ppt background, a theme, or a template, you know? ^^

It’s a way to put things in PPT, such as my current situation, my position, or the specific objects and places that I’m into these days.

As we wrote earlier, we stop thinking, “We have to make a pt.” Because we can’t really plan what kind of PPT I’m going to make. If you find what in your surroundings, there’s a lot of things that can help you to express and shape it, so that’s when you get rid of the difficulty.

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